Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started with Micronutrient Testing

    • The Metabolic Difference Between Functional and Borderline Deficiencies

    • Three View Points for Micronutrient Testing: Diagnostic, Predictive, Therapeutic

    • Three Methods of Interpretation: How to Choose Which One to Use

    • Start Micronutrient Interpretation with These Three Key Markers

    • Factors to Consider When Setting Pricing

    • Getting Started with Micronutrients Quiz

  • 2

    Core Micronutrient Deficiency Patterns

    • Adrenal Stress Profile

    • Dysbiosis - The Pattern of Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

    • The Dysglycemia Pattern - Hidden Gems to Deal with Blood Sugar

    • The Oxidative Stress Pattern - The Nutrient Deficiency Pattern You Must Master

    • The Autoimmune Pattern, Regardless of the Name

    • Core Micronutrient Deficiency Patterns Quiz

  • 3

    Key Concepts for Improved Interpretation

    • Nutrient-Nutrient Relationships - Learn These to Create Compliant Patients

    • Nutrient-Nutrient Interactions - Watch or You Will Repeat the Mistakes of Others

    • Key Concepts for Improved Interpretation Quiz

  • 4

    Professional Insights

    • Understanding Fructose Sensitivity on the Micronutrient Test

    • Micronutrient Deficiencies - Anxiety and Neuroexcitation

    • Keto Diet Induced Nutrient Deficiencies

  • 5

    Case Studies

    • Micronutrient Case Study: Hormonal Dysfunction: The Stress Pattern

    • Micronutrient Case Study - Dysglycemia

    • Micronutrient Case Study - Dysbiosis